What are Bitcoins?

To tell this simple as it can be: Bitcoins are just numbers on a bankaccount like Euro's or Dollars
Bitcoins can only represent their value in trust. The trust that you can trade your Bitcoins for goods or services. If you look clear to the actual value af a Euro bill and the real value of the bill you will find that this currency is also based on trust. Way back in history the currency used to have their value in weight like gold or silver coins. The value of the Bitcoin vary a lot, thats why we suggest only buy the ammount of bitcoins wich are needed for your transaction. On the other hand: You can make money if the price rise or go down at the online bitcoin markets.
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The big advantage is that you spend your bitcoins anonymous, and you don't need banks!
Payments with bitcoins are safe and simpel!

Pay with bitcoins, what do you need and how does it work?

First you got to have a wallet to store your Bitcoins
There are wallets for your desktop computer, tablet, smartphone or use an online wallet
Download wallet for desktop p.c - Download wallet for Android - Free online wallet

Once you have your wallet you will find your wallet adres and it looks like this example:
Use this wallet adres to send and receive bitcoins.
Lets say you want to buy bitcoins with your creditcard: You send the money from the creditcard to the seller, and the seller send bitcoins back to your adres:
Bitcoin transactions need to be confirmed by the worldwide bitcoin network. You can see the confirmations in you wallet or in the online blockexplorer. Example of a confirmed transaction
The usage of the QR code in mobile apps are realy handy, scan the pricecard QR code and fill in your wallet password and tap SEND. all is done!


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